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06/27/13 - Delivering Quality

Keys to overcome frustrating service issues that Customers face today.


frustrate.pngDiligent Delivery Systems has been proudly serving customers for over 19 years. During that time we have identified multiple reasons why individuals and businesses change providers in an effort to receive quality service. 

The ‘Top 3 Most Frustrating Service Issues’ that customers face today are:

  1. NOT finding what you’re looking for!
  2. NOT available when needed!
  3. NOT getting what you’ve paid for!



 When you search for services on the web, you want to find providers the 1st time! When searching Google, AOL, Bing, or Yahoo, typing industry or product keyword phrases should get you to the service provider you need. As a valued or prospective customer, Diligent cares enough to ensure that you can find us when you need us.  We’re “Google-able”!



 When clicking into a service provider’s website it should offer a simple navigation, a clear call to action, and features that are user-friendly for those who may not be ‘Tech-Savvy’.   The site should also offer multiple options to obtain services, whether placing orders online, submitting emails to appropriate departments, or simply finding a phone number to make a live connection.  Online resources, such as- industry blogs, online calculators, and competitor comparisons, play a significant role in helping consumers make better purchasing and general business decisions.  Whether you are ‘Tech-Savvy’ or ‘Tech-Challenged’, take a moment today and navigate through our site for an online presence that is simple, insightful, and truly considers our customers and prospects. We’re “Web Savvy”!

frustrate_2.pngWhen you pick up the phone to contact a provider, it’s probably because you need immediate service, or additional information to make a sound business decision. This means that you’re not calling because you love listening to elevator music and leaving voice messages!  When it comes to an industry like logistics, we provide full access to meet your needs; therefore, logistic services never stop. This is why Diligent has adopted the “24/7/365 Contact Model”, which provides access to a live Logistics Coordinator 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. When calling, you will have access to customized consulting on various shipping options, price flexibility, as well as live updates on the status of your shipment! We’re “Alive”!

priority.pngMake no mistake about it, you are our TOP PRIORITY! Diligent’s mission is to ensure that your experience with us is satisfactory and well-worth mentioning, as we desire to build strong long-lasting relationships with individuals and companies.  Our team works hard to ensure that our delivery services are timely, competitively priced, and utilize the best trucks and equipment for the pickup and delivery of your goods. Even when conflicts arise, we are readily available to provide immediate assistance, resolve issues, and deliver excellence every time!  We’re “Quality”!

Do you have large goods, equipment, products or envelopes that need to be delivered locally or nationally?  Then put Diligent to the test today and give us the opportunity to share the Quality Experience that many of our customers receive on a daily basis.  We’re Your Total DELIVERY Solution!

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