Fleet Management


Fleet Management Services

Fleet Replacement, Support, or Expansion

We know you’re busy focusing on operating costs, monthly vehicle payments, fuel prices, expense of workers’ wages, and day-to-day maintenance costs. And as a result, maintaining your own in-house delivery fleet can also take a huge bite our of your profit margin. However, when you outsource your dedicated driver delivery program to Diligent, you reduce the risk and liability of operating of your overall fleet management. In addition, you ultimately save as much as 32% of your transportation costs.

Create a Custom Fleet Management Program

Our clients regularly say that partnering with Diligent’s dedicated fleet management program is the best private fleet decision they have ever made. Diligent provides you with the drivers you require every working day to optimize your delivery operation.

We offer professional dedicated driver associates, well-maintained delivery vehicle replacements industry tools, reliable communication devices, and well-trained labor to ensure that your packages arrive safely, on time, every time.

Save As Much As 32% of Your Transportation Expense

Benefits of Dedicated Fleet Management:

  • Daily Routes
  • Recurring Deliveries
  • Fleet Replacement or Expansion
  • Drivers Can Be Added or Subtracted
  • 100% Guaranteed Daily Delivery
  • Improves Delivery Efficiency
  • Optimized Routes
  • Cost-Effective Delivery
  • Various Types of Vehicle Options
  • Available Locally, Regionally and Nationally

Our Dedicated Fleet Program Eliminates:

  • Monthly Vehicle Payments / Lifecycle Costs
  • Maintenance / Replacement / Repair Costs
  • Insurance Premiums, Accident Claims, and Payouts
  • Driver Safety Training Expenses
  • Driver Absentees and Turnovers
  • Overtime Pay
  • Vacation Time / Home Time
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Unemployment Wages
  • Employee Benefits on Full Time Driving Job
  • Payroll & Taxes

Visit our cost calculator to review the cost savings in outsourcing your fleet operation.