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Measure and Increase Your Profits

Outsourcing your fleet provides a variety of efficiencies. Outsourcing is not a new idea, however it continues to gain ground as…

What’s The Bottom-Line On Outsourcing Fleet Management Services?

Many companies are under pressure to cut costs and outsource non-core business functions like fleet management and maintenance o…

Shipping Holiday Treats

Shipping holiday candies, pies, treats or meats? No worries... Diligent Delivers!

Don't Get Left Grounded!

When you have emergency shipments get the best of both worlds - Experience & Service.

Same Day & On Demand - DELIVERED!

Diligent Delivery Systems provides a variety of same day, on-demand and courier services for clients of all sizes. Whether acros…

Over-The-Road Driver Turnover Rate Hits 92%

The over-the-road trucking turnover rate reached 92% at the conclusion of the second quarter per a recent article in Transportat…

Will the minimum wage increase impact your company's profitability?

Recently, Seattle, WA voted to raise the minimum wage to $15/hr from $9.37/hr, the highest in the U.S. This occurrence has begun…

Does Your Logistics Service Provider Make The Grade?

Success within your industry doesn't just happen because you want it to or better yet; need it to. Success is a combination of t…

Career Opportunities - Press Release August 28, 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 28, 2014 - Diligent is expanding operations, and we are in need of business professionals to assist…

Career Opportunities - Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 6, 2014 - Diligent is expanding operations, and we are in need of business professionals to assist us…
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