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Transportation Management System - TMS

Managing All Lines of Shipping

Smooth integration of shipping across multiple industries means maximized productivity for workers and exceeding customer expectations. Choosing a polished, time-tested TMS with strong vendor support is a no-brainer, and Diligent spares no effort in meeting and exceeding every requirement for a powerful, modern system suite that makes the job of a busy shipping manager efficient and effective.

Diligent’s Transportation Management System includes detailed control of major categories such as:

  • On-Demand fulfillment
  • Shipping resource management
  • Invoicing and settlement
  • Route and distribution logistic management
  • Mobile application with GPS tracking
  • Online ordering and tracking
  • Application and data integration

Extensive Customization Options

All businesses have their own requirements, and Diligent’s TMS contains extensive options for meeting the unique needs of each business. Management of all lines of shipping from a common user interface, departmental invoice submissions, tailored status updates, special formatting and other business-specific requirements can all be met with minimal effort.

Real-Time Monitoring

A keen awareness of current activities by the dispatcher on duty helps to prevent and solve potential problems before they grow into more serious events. Diligent’s TMS tracks live reports of barcode scanning, orders in transit, the current status of individual drivers, traffic congestion and accidents, and electronic proof-of-delivery (POD) all in real time.

Complete Event History

The task of closely tracking supply chains for real-time responses and subsequent historical analyses constitutes a critical aspect of a well-run shipping function. Diligent’s TMS stores in its database surrounding details of each individual stop along the routes for the driver’s manifest and present’s the details instantly on a computer or mobile device, doing away with pulling a paper manifest.

Industry Reporting Standards

Vital shipment-process data and delivery-status updates flow smoothly through electronic channels with industry-recognized protocols that clamp down hard on avoidable errors and omissions; the Automatic Shipping Notification (ASN) and EDI data-integration standards and a large spectrum of commonly recognized proprietary data integrations are fully supported.

Over, Short and Damaged Reporting | OS&D

Full support is included for handling reports of damaged merchandise and delivery irregularities such as overages or shortages.

Advanced Support Portals

The web customer portal feature enables streamlined online order entries, fully updated order tracking, secure handling of credit-card payments and fast generation of shipping labels.

Additional portals enable still more functionality:

  • Driver Portal offers customizable driver functions that strongly support business-specific delivery, manifest and general-event reporting requirements.
  • Remote Portal, a lightweight application for desktops, serves well for rapid, in-house order entries and high-speed barcode scanning at volume customers.
  • Self Service Portal provides integration of web services for order sharing with customers outside of the shipping system, as well as integration with other popular business applications.

Diligent’s transportation management system continues to improve existing features and adds new features that anticipate an evolving marketplace. With so many standard features and dedicated user interfaces designed to please customers and clients at all levels of interaction, it’s no surprise that an increasing number of business managers and other stakeholders find Diligent Delivery Systems to be a complete answer to their shipping and delivery needs.