Benefits To Dedicated Fleet Management Services

Top 5 Reasons Why To Outsource Your Fleet Delivery Operation To Diligent

1. Cost Savings with a Dedicated Fleet
Eliminate unnecessary transportation costs and resources such as vehicle payments, fleet maintenance & repair costs, and insurance premiums. With dedicated fleet, you can also decrease accident claims, employee burden & turnover expense, workers compensation, driver training fees, and other sizable ongoing expenses. You can save up to 32% each month.

2. Gain Maximum Driver Support
Diligent has over 5,000 driver associates delivering packages daily, both locally, and regionally. With maximum street level optimization, we increase driver production and improve dedicated routes with 99.2% on-time deliveries. Prompt distribution increases customer confidence, thus driving more business to you.

3. Remove the Risk and Liability
By implementing our dedicated fleet management program you remove the risk and unload the liability of operating an in-house delivery system. Diligent creates a safeguard to protect your company from inconvenient circumstances such as driver accidents, lost merchandise, product damages, etc. Our refined experience provides us with a superior level of insight that others can not offer.

4. Large-Scale National Presence
Whether providing support for one or multiple locations, our dedicated fleet management service provides reliable coverage for business delivery operations across numerous industries. Since 1994, our dedicated service is consistently expanding into new territories locally, regionally, and nationally.

5. New Service Options
With multiple shipping and delivery service options available 24-7, 365 days a year, we are able to move shipments to any city or rural location domestically at affordable prices. Set up an account today so you can deliver at a moments notice without any delays.

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