Dedicated Fleet Management Solutions

Eliminating Upfront Transportation Costs

Do you know that you can start a fleet delivery program to support your customer base without having to buy or lease a fleet of vehicles?

The truth is, your company can reap the benefits of running a successful fleet operation over time and eliminate the obligations of pricey upfront transportation spending when you join Diligent Delivery Systems’, Dedicated Fleet Management program.

Our Fleet Management Solutions provide all the resources necessary to fulfill your delivery operation:

  • We administer the delivery drivers, specific vehicle types, labor, and the specialized tools needed to complete your daily deliveries
  • Fleet support is customized specifically to your delivery operation with guaranteed capacity and seamless integration
  • A logistics analysis of your transportation routes are examined and enhance for performance efficiency, responsiveness, and flexibility

The Benefits Include:

  • Securing a low cost transportation rates and defining exactly how much you are spending
  • Protection for your company by eliminating the risks, liabilities, and claims of day-to-day service
  • Removing the pressures of monthly vehicle payments, repairs, and maintenance costs
  • Improving performance to meet timely requirements set by your customers
  • Doing away with driver absentees and turnovers
  • And more … click here for more listed benefits

With transportation and logistics costs rising, our Dedicated Fleet Service stays controlled at a reduce financial rate which benefits clients of all sizes. Secure capital, optimize your freight distribution, and gain significant delivery power all at the same time.

Call Diligent Delivery Systems at 877-495-3967 and find out how we can support your delivery operation today.